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  • 2011-08-31 meeting minutes, Frederic Peters
  • 3.2 Release Notes: Featured Apps, Andre Klapper
  • [seahorse-plugins] Created branch gnome-3-0, Stefan Walter
  • [release-notes] Created branch gnome-3-2, Andre Klapper
  • UI freeze exception request: Empathy new experimental call UI, Guillaume Desmottes
  • GNOME Documents in 3.2, Cosimo Cecchi
  • GNOME 3.1.90 beta release, Release Team
  • Update GnuTLS minimum dependency to 2.12.0?, Stef Walter
  • simple-scan 3.1.5, Robert Ancell
  • NetworkManager 0.9.0, Dan Williams
  • [libgnomekbd] Created branch gnome-3-0, Sergey V . Udaltsov
  • opal 3.10.2, Eugen Dedu
  • ptlib 2.10.2, Eugen Dedu
  • Re: Help wanted: GNOME 3.1 + 3.2 live images, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Javier_Hernandez_Ant=FAnez?=
  • freeze break request: revert libatspi API change, Mike Gorse
  • freeze break request: add org.a11y.Bus.IsEnabled, Mike Gorse
  • GNOME 3.1.90 beta tarballs due (and more), Release Team
  • GNOME 3 Live Images, moonlight pvs gmail com
  • vte branched for 3.2, Christian Persch
  • Re: GNOME 3.1.2 release post-mortem notes, Tim-Philipp =?ISO-8859-1?Q?M=FCller?=
  • polkit-gnome 0.102, David Zeuthen
  • GNOME 3.1.5 unstable release, Release Team
  • Maintainer away until end of month, Vincent Untz
  • GNOME 3.1.5 unstable tarballs due (and more), Release Team
  • [evolution-ews] (6 commits) Created branch gnome-2-28, Chenthill Palanisamy
  • =?windows-1256?B?48zj5trHyiBHb29nbGU6IOHezyDK48ogz9rmyt8gxeHsIHRvdGFsMDM3?=, noreply
  • parallel installable PyGObject for GNOME 3.2, Tomeu Vizoso
  • Release Team status report at AGM meeting at Desktop Summit, Andre Klapper
  • rmepbthrqvsqoeu invites you to connect, rmepbthrqvsqoeu via Yahoo!
  • =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCOl9CcCVvITwlKyE8NV5KZ0IuSnMbKEIhGyRCIVolRyE8JT9Gfk5PNkhMM0JnTkw8dUNtJE4kPyRhIVsheSVhJWslXiUsGyhCU09ITxskQkA4M2glSyVlITwlORsoQg==?=, =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCNWE/TT5wSnMkTi1qJVMlOCVNJTklSCVpJTklSCU3JTklRiVgJTobKEI=?=
  • ModemManager 0.5, Dan Williams
  • Desktop Summit conference, Release Team
  • Re: Any big problem? [WAS: Re: GNOME 3.1.4 unstable release -- walters-mclasen], Vincent Untz

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