Re: 3.2 Release Notes: Featured Apps


Since the GNOME community has frequently promised that 3.x releases are
going to significantly resolve usability issues that real users have
complained about, perhaps we could highlight what we have done in these
regards.  I know I appreciate that it is easier to move and resize
windows with the now larger than 1-pixel border.  It would be nice if
the release notes can emphasize how we have been listening to community

Perhaps someone could write-up something about general usability
improvements, how close we are to supporting touch-screen, etc.
Perhaps some photos of GNOME working nicely on small form factor
devices might help to engage people.  Perhaps we should ping the
usability list for feedback?


as we're in the process of writing the 3.2 release notes[1] the release
team is wondering whether there is a plan to have "Featured Apps".
This was mentioned earlier in the moduleset reorganization threads[2].

It refers to applications that are not part of core[3], but part of the
apps moduleset[4] and which are awesome and well-integrated in GNOME, so
they deserve a prominent place in the release notes.

Does anybody have some plans/time to push this, or is anybody in to



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