parallel installable PyGObject for GNOME 3.2

Hi all,

this is just a heads up about how PyGTK and PyGObject+introspection
applications are going to coexist in GNOME 3.2.

The next stable release of PyGObject will be 3.0 and will be parallel
installable with 2.28.

This way applications using the static bindings will just pick up 2.28
without any changes, and applications using introspection will pick up
3.0 with one condition. In order to make sure that introspection-using
applications use a consistent set of introspected bindings, we need to
make sure they import glib and gobject this way:

from gi.repository import GLib, GObject

instead of

import glib, gobject

Besides this, application authors shouldn't have to worry about which
version of PyGObject is installed as long as the distro package (or
bundle installer) has the expected one.

If your application uses introspected bindings, PyGObject 3.0 is
installed and tries to import "glib" or "gobject" an exception will be
raised so you can easily find where you need to make the change
explained above.

We are still in time to revisit this, so please speak up if something
is not clear or you have any better suggestions.

Code and more details in



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