Re: GNOME 3.1.2 release post-mortem notes

On Fri, 2011-06-17 at 12:28 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:

> >>    Jun 15 19:08:34 <__tim>    (but I'm unhappy that you guys aren't
> >> screaming at the glib maintainers a bit more, it seems it could be
> >> handled better)
> >
> > Late minute API change = not good.
> 3.1.2 != last minute... its an early snapshot, after all, so things
> should be expected to be a bit more in flux than, say, during .90
> releases. And people should not put any disable-deprecated flags in
> their tarballs, and not even in their git trees unless they are
> prepared to deal with the occasional fallout.

IIRC this particular issue had nothing to do with disable-deprecated
flags or any other compiler flags, as GStreamer release tarballs don't
use disable-deprecated flags nor -Werror.

I believe the issue was a newly-introduced G_STATIC_ASSERT which caused
problems (rightly so I gather, but still, it broke compilation in
multiple modules with code that not only worked fine so far but also had
to be that way if one wanted to avoid compiler warnings from gcc...).


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