ModemManager 0.5


- Improvements for Samsung modems
- Support access technology reporting for Qualcomm Gobi modems
- Fix communication with Nokia N900 devices
- Support multiple CDMA Rm protocols
- Fix handling of Option access technology reporting
- Fix handling of CDMA EVDO registration states
- Fix problems reconnecting Ericsson F5521gw modems
- Better handling of some Android handset modem

========  (451K)
  sha256sum: e7c7aed7c1484adee22f04dac358c1f971985f8413096c4d412d084aa2cd7c7f (530K)
  sha256sum: 108de70537b1193634883fa6b3642b130a23f4c04d901cb15caeceb486af6152

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