UI freeze exception request: Empathy new experimental call UI

Hi everyone,

As you may know, the Empathy team is working on a new re-designed call
UI: http://blog.desmottes.be/post/2011/08/26/Shiny-new-UI-in-Empathy-3.2

This UI is not used by default and need to be explicitly enabled when
building so won't (and shouldn't) be used in 3.2. Would it be possible
for us to ignore UI freeze for this component? That would make our life
much easier (no need to branch earlier, etc) to ensure to provide a rock
solid UI for 3.4.

The documentation doesn't cover the new UI yet so I guess that's fine
from this pov.
I'm aware that can be more of an issue for the translation team as it's
not easy to know if a string change affect the new UI or not. So I'll
continue sending string exception requests before merging any branch
affecting translated strings.

Thanks !


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