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  • Nokia 21M-02 failing to be recognised as Icera, Tore Anderson
  • [review] dcbw/carrier-fixes: fix carrier handling for master devices and IPv4 method matching (bgo #725261), Dan Williams
  • [0.9.8 PATCH] build: convert from INCLUDES to AM_CPPFLAGS, Dan Williams
  • EAP-TLS with certificates, can it be done without knowing the date and time ?, Jürgen Benjamin Ronshausen
  • [PATCH 1/1] libnm-util: don't assert in nm_setting_get_secret_flags() and avoid assertion in agent_secrets_done_cb(), Thomas Haller
  • Possible Security Bug in NM's PEAP implementation, Pranesh Prakash
  • How can I dynamically modify VPN plugin settings?, Aaron Lewis
  • little bit off topic CLAT-Daemon for 464xlat for "Linux" (not android), Thomas Schäfer
  • [PATCH] Report which option is unknown, Guido G??nther
  • [review] dcbw/dev-plugins: convert BT, WWAN, and ADSL to device plugins (bgo #724324), Dan Williams
  • broken build: would be good to announce new hard dependencies on the mailing list, Pavel Simerda
  • NetworkManager process dies sometimes, ning ji
  • [review] dcbw/wwan-fu: various fixes for mobile broadband (bgo #724314), Dan Williams
  • NetworkManager creating IPv6 routes on the fly?, Dan Irwin
  • IPv6 breakage caused by active IPv6 on an inactive interface?, Dan Irwin
  • [PATCH] wifi: do not print dump inconsistency error for get scan command, Stanislaw Gruszka
  • [PATCH] core: normalize object paths on add_and_activate_connection, Stanislaw Gruszka
  • Release management problems, Bastien Nocera
  • [PATCH] libnm-glib: suppress warnings unless LIBNM_GLIB_DEBUG is set, Dan Williams
  • [patch] libqcdm: use NULL instead of 0 for empty pointer, Yunlian Jiang
  • Re: nfs home dir, wlan/vpn, network manager, Pavel Simerda

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