Re: Nokia 21M-02 failing to be recognised as Icera

Hey Tore,

On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 9:12 PM, Tore Anderson <tore fud no> wrote:
By dcbw's request, here's some logs plus mmcli output from a Nokia
21M-02 that's usually failing to be recognised as an Icera device and
handled by the nokia-icera plugin. What seems to happen is that either
it's too slow to respond to AT%IPSYS? or the fact that it echoes that
command back before actually responding makes MM erroneously conclude
it's not an Icera stick. In one of the logs the %IPSYS response isn't
visible at all, in the other it comes in too late, after MM has logged
"Modem is probably not Icera-based".

Hum... so in 'log1.txt', ttyUSB5 does indeed return a valid AT%IPSYS?
response, but too late. And in 'log2.txt' none of the ports return a
valid response to that command, only ERROR. I believe we should both
extend the timeout of the AT command, and setup some retries logic in
case the ports return ERROR. The whole probing time for the device is
pretty low (<3s) so it shouldn't harm to add some retries for that

Filled in bugzilla:

Thanks for the logs :)


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