Re: IPv6 breakage caused by active IPv6 on an inactive interface?

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Subject: IPv6 breakage caused by active IPv6 on an inactive interface?


I suspect NetworkManager has a small problem regarding IPv6 and
disabled/inactive interfaces.

I have noticed some IPv6 breakage in Fedora 20, and I posted about that to
the fedora list.

Today when IPv6 stopped working, I noticed I had two default routes:

default via fe80::d267:e5ff:feb5:235b dev wlp2s0 proto static metric 1024
default via fe80::d267:e5ff:feb5:235b dev em1 proto ra metric 1024 expires

However, I have em1 disabled in NetworkManager.

I can only imagine that my ipv6 default route will bounce around depending on
ra timeout values, which explains some of the behaviour I have been seeing.

Is anyone else seeing this? Specifically a disabled wired interface which
seems to be erroneously up and accepting ra advertisments.

Yep, kernel is always trying to do its own stuff with IPv6, but that will be disabled in 0.9.10 and instead 
NetworkManager will handle it properly and only ask kernel to work with the interfaces when appropriate. I 
don't remember the exact way 0.9.8 handled 'disconnected' devices but it would be certainly possible to fix 
that using accept_ra=0 (not that I'm doing anything with 0.9.8 branch, it's just a remark).





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