IPv6 breakage caused by active IPv6 on an inactive interface?


I suspect NetworkManager has a small problem regarding IPv6 and disabled/inactive interfaces.

I have noticed some IPv6 breakage in Fedora 20, and I posted about that to the fedora list.

Today when IPv6 stopped working, I noticed I had two default routes:

default via fe80::d267:e5ff:feb5:235b dev wlp2s0  proto static  metric 1024
default via fe80::d267:e5ff:feb5:235b dev em1  proto ra  metric 1024  expires 593sec

However, I have em1 disabled in NetworkManager.

I can only imagine that my ipv6 default route will bounce around depending on ra timeout values, which explains some of the behaviour I have been seeing.

Is anyone else seeing this? Specifically a disabled wired interface which seems to be erroneously up and accepting ra advertisments.



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