Re: little bit off topic CLAT-Daemon for 464xlat for "Linux" (not android)

Am Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014, 10:51:48 schrieben Sie:
* Thomas Schäfer

Does anybody know a howto (ip (iproute2), kernel) or daemon-software for
CLAT as part of 464XLAT under linux (not android) ?

I don't have a HOWTO, but I would assume that you could use TAYGA
( to implement the CLAT component.

Thanks for the hint. But this is (only) a NAT64-implantation at 

I am looking for configuration/daemonsoftware of the CLAT - part of 464XLAT.

The great difference to NAT64 is, that at "Client"-side there is additional 
IPv4-interface for programs needing an IPv4-address/socket.

While "normal NAT64" doesn't need additional interfaces at customer-side.

All the things I found about 464XLAT led to the android specific 


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