Re: little bit off topic CLAT-Daemon for 464xlat for "Linux" (not android)

* Thomas Schäfer

I understand you right, the DNS64/NAT64 of your ISP is broken but his PLAT-
service you can use without problems.

In 464XLAT, the provider's NAT64 and the PLAT is exactly the same thing.
464XLAT doesn't use DNS64, except for the fact that it might be used in
order to discover the NAT64 prefix that is used.

So my problem is that my mobile provider's NAT64 service doesn't work.
Therefore I used's publicly available NAT64 service instead.

Unfortunately for me my mobile provider's «IPv6 go-to guy» has quit, so
I'm not optimistic their NAT64 will get fixed anytime soon. Perhaps
Bjørn will rescue me soon...

I will print and frame your Email!



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