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Subject: nfs home dir, wlan/vpn, network manager

Hi, how does one configure network-manger to start in/during GDM.

NetworkManager is a system service and therefore typically starts at boot time.

Users that use laptops and have NFS home directories need to be able to set
up wlan/vpn before they actually log in so that autofs can mount their home

If you want to interface NM (e.g. specify one time passwords or stuff like that) during the login screen, you 
have to use a DM that supports it. As far as I know, current versions of GDM start a Gnome Shell session with 
network-indicator even for the login screen. If you want that handled for a system without Gnome 3, you can 
run nm-applet as part of a login screen that supports system tray. You may have to be more careful with 
NetworkManager 0.8.x, though as it works differently from what I know in the 0.9.x series.



For this test case centos 6.5 was used; gnome 2.28; network-manager version

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