ping issue with windows 2008 server ?

Again this is for embedded system, freescale ARM processor, kernel 3.0.35-cm-fx6-4,
fs is using ubuntu 12.04。NetworkManager version is 0.9.4.

So we have 2 systems for testing,
1. linux embedded system has 2 Gigabit ethernet ports
2. windows PC, we open 2 Dos windows keep on pinging eht0 and eth1. 
                  ping  -t
                  ping  -t
At the same time, we unplug eth ports in the linux side randomly and plug back.

Now if this windows pc is windows 7, everything is fine.

Now if it's windows 8 server, or windows xp, ping will fail.
1. you unplug eth0 in linux, "ping -t" will stop
2. plug back eth0, "ping -t" will work, but 
    but "ping -t" stops, even though ethernet cable is still there.

Any suggestions pls ?

Thanks !

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