broken build: would be good to announce new hard dependencies on the mailing list


I'm maitaining a live ebuild for a Gentoo overlay that builds NetworkManager directly from Git:

Since libndp submodule was removed from git master, the build no longer works. I'll certainly package libndp 
for Gentoo and will eventually fix the build, but it would be nice to have changes that break build announced 
publicly. While live ebuilds are targeted for developers rather than end users, I would still like to keep 
them buildable most of the time. In cases like libndp where the change is more of a cleanup, it would be nice 
to know about the new dependency in advance, so that I can update the ebuild and prepare the library ebuild 
before it happens.

I'm curious whether Colin's ostree CI build was ready for the change.

No action needed, except on my side, as I haven't yet prepared the libndp ebuild.



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