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  • How big are your widgets ..., Michael Meeks
  • Where to put your big widgets ..., Michael Meeks
  • Cannot compile bonobo-0.9, Diego Sevilla Ruiz
  • my first bonobo bugfix, Dan Winship
  • ORBit interchangeable with mico 2.3.0??, chun fong
  • should bonobo_object_query_local_interface ref?, Maciej Stachowiak
  • should destroying set the refcount to 0?, Maciej Stachowiak
  • refcount checking in add_interface, Maciej Stachowiak
  • small patch to bonobo-object.c to get rid of copy/paste code, Darin Adler
  • bonobo/gnome-bonobo.h, Rodrigo Moya
  • RGB UI Diff done using -u, Gene Z. Ragan
  • RGB data UI handler patch, Gene Z. Ragan
  • Bonobo 0.9 is out., Miguel de Icaza
  • Bonobo toolbar pixmaps with Gdk-pixbuf., Nat Friedman
  • repo_ids, Alexander Larsson
  • Bonobo toolbar pixmaps., Nat Friedman
  • Bonobo toolbars., Nat Friedman
  • patch: bonobo_ui_handler_set_toolbar, John Sullivan
  • Monikers, Rodrigo Moya
  • Nautilus toolbars and Bonobo, John Sullivan
  • toolbar item widths, John Sullivan
  • Bonobo toolbar item positioning bug, John Sullivan
  • bonobo toolbar separator patch, John Sullivan
  • bonobo_ui_handler_menu_set_toggle_state, John Sullivan
  • Scripting with Python and omniORB, Jon K Hellan
  • DII/DSI, Jon K Hellan
  • Container question, Maciej Stachowiak
  • bonobo-wrapper patch, Maciej Stachowiak
  • bonobo-text-plain patch, Maciej Stachowiak
  • patch for ownership problem in bonobo-uih-menu.c, John Sullivan
  • Replacing a menu item from a component, John Sullivan

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