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  • Fwd: New mailing list for GNU Events: <info-gnu-events gnu org>, Andy Tai
  • This list is for announcements only, Martin Baulig
  • Re: gnome-announce-list digest, Vol 1 #155 - 1 msg, Todd Wilson
  • Pan 0.9.2 Released, Charles Kerr
  • GNOME-DB/libgda 0.2.0 released, Rodrigo Moya
  • Gnome Basic 0.0.16 released, Michael Meeks
  • ANNOUNCE: gmail 0.6.6, k_wayne
  • Metatheme 0.5.0 released, Richard Hestilow
  • gedit 0.9.4, Chema Celorio
  • ANNOUNCE: PonG 0.5 "4 just isn't prime enough", George
  • ANNOUNCE: libglade 0.15, James Henstridge
  • ANNOUNCE: gbox 0.7.0, Andreas Buesching
  • ANNOUNCE: Firestarter 0.5.1, Tomas Junnonen
  • Announce: gpaint 0.2, Andy Tai
  • Gnumeric 0.59 released, Jody Goldberg
  • [UNSTABLE] GTK+-1.3.2 released, Owen Taylor
  • [UNSTABLE] Pango-0.13 released, Owen Taylor
  • [UNSTABLE] GLib-1.3.2 released, Owen Taylor
  • GNOME Web Team - Call for Volunteers., Joakim Ziegler
  • bug-buddy 1.2 "I told you not to eat that shrimp" Released, Jacob "Ulysses" Berkman
  • gnome-core / gnome-applets 1.2.4 "Twenty for the Revolution" released, Jacob "Ulysses" Berkman
  • Gnome-print-0.25 is released, Lauris Kaplinski
  • Gnumeric 0.58, Jody Goldberg
  • ANNOUNCE: Helix Setup Tools 0.2.1, Hans Petter Jansson
  • ANN: Mahogany 0.60 GTK+/Win32 mail client with Python scripting, Vadim Zeitlin
  • GAL 0.2.2, Jody Goldberg
  • Nautilus 0.5 and Eazel Web Services Sneak Preview released, Darin Adler
  • OAF 0.6.1, Maciej Stachowiak
  • gnome-core "Dignitude" released, Jacob "Ulysses" Berkman
  • ANNOUNCE: Helix Setup Tools 0.2.0, Hans Petter Jansson
  • Gnome VFS 0.4 released, Pavel Cisler
  • ANNOUNCE: Firestarter 0.5.0 "Hacker Purgatorium", Tomas Junnonen
  • RadioActive 1.0 "Fly me to the GNOME", ERDI Gergo

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