[UNSTABLE] GTK+-1.3.2 released

GTK+-1.3.2 has been released. This is a preview release of the
unstable branch of GTK+ and is meant for:

 * those interested in the development of GTK+. 
 * People planning to port to the upcoming GTK+-2.0 version of GTK+.
   Note: the APIs have not yet been frozen and significant
   changes may still occur before GTK+-2.0 is released.

GTK+ is a widget toolkit for X and other windowing systems. It 
is used in such projects as the GIMP and GNOME. For more information
about GTK+, see http://www.gtk.org

GTK+-1.3.2 is available for download from:

GTK+-1.3.2 also requires GLib-1.3.2 and pango-0.13:


This is a an unstable preview release and should not be used in
production. Only minimal testing has been done, and we expect that
significant bugs and portability problems remain at this point.

This release is incompatible with GTK+-1.2.x. Software that has not
been explicitly ported will not compile with this version.  Do not
send bug reports about such compilation problems to either us or
maintainers of software that uses GTK+; GTK+-1.2.8 is the currently
supported version.

If you install this version, do NOT replace your current GTK+
with it. You should be able to install it alongside your current
GTK+ without disturbing your current GTK+.

Bug reports and comments about this version of GTK+ should be sent to:

  gtk-devel-list gnome org

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.3.2

GTK Core:

* New stock-icon and stock-item system. Use themeable pixbufs in
  dialogs, buttons, etc. [Havoc]
* Theme engines reworked to use derivation and new object system. [Owen]
* Added GtkClipboard object for simple selection handling. [Owen]
* Make GtkEditable an interface, move implementation to GtkOldEditable for
  compat. [Owen]
* Better handling of default directionality. [Robert]
* Use GSignal as backend for GtkSignal and other GObject stuff. [Tim]
* Move theme engines to GTypePlugin. [Owen]


* Beginning of implementation of client parts of new window manager spec. [Owen]
* Make gdk_drawable_get_image() work with backing store. [Havoc]


* New text widget [Havoc]
  - Adjustable tab handling.
  - Ability to have scrolling side areas in new text widget for tabs/line numbers.
  - Many cleanups and small improvements.
* Improvements to submenu navigation [Nils Barth/David Santiago] and
  scrolling menus. [Alex]
* Simplification of progress bar API. [Havoc]
* Make GtkImage a generic image-display widget. [Havoc]
* New GtkTreeView tree widget. Model/view architecture, flexible renderering,
  large datasets, etc. [Jonathan]
* New GtkMessageBox widget for message display. [Havoc]
* Allow labels to have contents set from XML-like markup language. [Havoc]
* Make dialogs derive from GtkDialog and use stock buttons. [Havoc]


* Proper character set conversion for clipboard/selection. [Owen]
* New input method system via loadable modules; support on-the-spot
  preedit in GtkEntry and new text widget; allow switchin input methods
  on the fly; include modules for XIM and demo Cyrillic-tranliteration 
  module. [Owen]
* VIQR, Thai, and Inuktitut input methods. [Robert]
* Convert po files to UTF-8. [Robert]


* Full-alpha compositing for gdk-pixbuf on drawable. [Havoc]
* Add simple saving to gdk-pixbuf. [David Welton/Havoc]
* Add improved error handling with GError to gdk-pixbuf. [Havoc]


* Much work on Win32 Port. [Tor/Hans]
* Much work on Linux-FB Port. [Elliot/Alex]


* Start of new gtk-demo demo program. [Owen/Jonathan]
* Bug fixes and more bug fixes.

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