Re: gnome-announce-list digest, Vol 1 #155 - 1 msg

Todd Wilson wrote:
> Are the hostnames for users "pan" and "ieure" above necessary? is pan's website address.

And about the This is free sofware, it's
all about freedom. Pleas dont' try to sensor the
"allowed" CC: addresses for a GNOME list. If they
write pan on their spare time, it's their desition
not OURS.

I am concerned about people trying to "police" the
names choosen by hackers. I bring this up because
it makes me sick about people not liking "Etherape"
(because it ends in "rape") and "Wet Dreams" (Raph's
Levien amazing pre-project).

Freedom is all I am asking,

if the Parent Asociaton for Free software does not
likes pan's naming scheme, I am sure they can find
a newsreader that will fit their needs.


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