RadioActive 1.0 "Fly me to the GNOME"

Dear users of fiendish C++ technologies to listen to the radio,

A new release of RadioActive is available at
-->              <--

It fixes the rough edges of 0.11, and introduces several user interface
enhancements, most of them inspired by Stanislav Brabec <utx penguin cz>.
As you can guess from the code name, this is the release I intend
GNOME-Extras 1.4 to include.

No cute fuzzy animals were harmed (or helped) in the making of this

Detailed list of changes:

	 * Mute state is changed across runs - actually, this should
           have been implemented much sooner, it somehow escaped me.
	 * The panel applet skips empty channels when cycling
	 * Both the tuner buttons and the applet channel buttons have
           auto-repeat (just hold down the mouse button)
	 * You can change the value of fine-tuning
	 * The number of preset channels can be changed
	 * If you turn off saving of the window position, it discards
           the old value (useful for corrupted position values on big
	 * Bug fix: saving of channel frequencies was broken on some
	 * New translations: Czech, Russian

RadioActive requires a Video4Linux-enabled kernel. This appeared
sometime in the 2.1 series, but the current stable (2.2) series is
just fine.

Besides the kernel, you'll also need GTK-- and Gnome-- version 1.2.0, GTK+
version 1.2 and October GNOME. The panel applet version also needs the
Panel-- library, available at

Happy radioactivity,


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