Gnome Basic 0.0.16 released

	The Gnome Basic team is proud to introduce gb-0.0.16 also
known as "somewhat less Basic" the latest in a line of obfuscated

* What did you do this time ?

	* Implement CallByName

	* Port Frame to new object system (Frank)

	* Improve parser / lexer flexibility.

	* Implement Eval, Execute.

	* Implement user defined Types (like structs)

	* Update project logic and form object referencing.

	* Add (evily hacked) up ASP runtime ( gb test/web.asp )

	* Install 'gb' by default to aid use.

* Notes

	Bug reports are only appreciated for parser errors, ie. if
you are interested in development please send either patches, or
fragments of test code. We are well aware that there are many things
remaining unimplemented.

	We need someone to start tackling the pandemic of memory leaks
in gb, before other modules start catching them.

* Availability

* More information

	See the website at

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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