GAL 0.2.2

GAL 0.2.2, code name "Eva Curie" (Mm Curie's younger daughter),
is now available.

This is a point release to fix a pair of critical bugs in the colour combo box.
It is strongly recommended that Gnumeric users upgrade.

Gal is the Gnome Application Library, a collection of widgets and
other helper functions from Evolution and Gnumeric.

* Availability
You can get the Gal 0.2.2 tarball from:

Gal 0.2.2 has the same requirements as 0.2.1
    GNOME Print (0.24)

    libunicode (0.4.gnome).
    NOTE : 0.4.gnome
Helix GNOME users will also be able to install the packages by the
usual means, by using Helix Update (or apt-get on Debian).  Packages
for Debian, Red Hat 6.x and 7.0, Caldera 2.4, Mandrake 6.1, 7.0, and
7.1, Suse 6.3, 6.4 and 7.0, TurboLinux 6, and LinuxPPC 2000 will be
available within the week.

Good Luck,

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