Re: gnome-announce-list digest, Vol 1 #155 - 1 msg

On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 01:56:20PM -0600, Chema Celorio wrote:
> Todd Wilson wrote:
>> Are the hostnames for users "pan" and "ieure" above necessary?
> is pan's website address.
> And about the This is free sofware, it's
> all about freedom. Pleas dont' try to sensor the
> "allowed" CC: addresses for a GNOME list. If they
> write pan on their spare time, it's their desition
> not OURS.

I've written >80% of Pan and agree with Todd about the 'superpimp' name.
Pan may have gotten second looks a year ago from shock value (like BitchX)
but it now that it can stand on its own merits of being one of the best
Unix GUI newsreaders, the superpimp reference is IMHO a liability.
I'd like to see Matt add a non-offensive domain name that routes to the same
files so that `superpimp' references can be removed from the application.

I'm sending this letter to pan superpimp org to raise the issue (again) with
the Pan team, and cc'ing everyone else for completeness' sake.

Ian's site is a different issue -- he makes Debian packages of Pan which we
then mirror, so I wanted to let him know about 0.9.2.  I don't see any need
to defend the domain names in a CC header.


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