Gnumeric 0.58

Gnumeric 0.58 aka 'Grandma rides again' has been released.  This version was
supposed to be for pure development.  Boy was I WRONG!  Some of our testers
(especially Grandma Chema) went to town, reporting over 40 bugs of
varying magnitudes.  Coupled with reports from the rest of the
community this turned into a massive drive to stability.  The score
so far :
    - 3 crashes fixed
    - 22 display errors fixed
    - 9 features fixed
    - 1 import bug fixed (for locales other than C)

It is strongly recommended that people upgrade.
NOTE : we depend on at least GAL 0.2.2 to fix a critical bug
       we depend on gnome-print 0.25 to fix a display problem

* New features

	* Undo support for auto-format				(Almer)
	* Support for the 'General' format			(Jody)
	* Shared and unshared views of workbooks		(Jody)
	* Export comments to MS excel (tm)			(Juan Pablo)

* Bug fixes, Polishing & Optimisations

	* Improvements and beautification of the text importer	(Almer)
	* Fixes for odd behavior in MS excel (tm)'s VLOOKUP	(JPR)
	* Extension of the guile plugin				(Ariel)
	* Improvements in Bonobo support			(Michael)
	* More work on double click fill support		(Jody)
	* Improved toolbars					(Jon Kåre)
	* Analysis Tools					(Morten)
	* Fix popup context menus.				(Jody)
	* Massive bug fixing spree.				(Gnumeric team)

* Translations

	* Updated: no (Kjartan), pl (Zbigniew), hu (Timar and Szabolcs), ru (Valek)
	  ja (Yukihiro), sv (Christian),
	* Work to support translation of strings in xml files (Kenneth and Morten)

* Availability

NOTE : Please do not package or submit bug reports for
       gnumeric-bonobo.  Bonobo is under heavy development as is not
       expected to be stable.

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