Announce: gpaint 0.2

This is to announce gpaint 0.2, a small paint program for GNOME, 
the GNU Desktop.  

Changes since version 0.1.1:

   * Printing support added
   * Now works in 8, 16 24 and 32 bit screens
   * Cut, paste support added
   * bug fixes
   * Color palette added to UI

It can be downloaded from

An updated screenshot can be seen at

Currently gpaint has the following features:
   * Drawing tools--ovals, freehand, polygon, text, with fill or shallow for 
     polygons and closed freehand.
   * Cut and paste by selecting illegular regions or polygons.
   * Print support using gnome-print (still flaky, will be improved upon next 
   * Modern, ease-to-use user interface with tool and color palettes
   * Editing multiple image at the same time without runnng multiple instance
     of the image editor
   * All image processing features present in xpaint

Gpaint requires the GNOME environment (gtk+ 1.2.8 or above, gnome-libs 1.2.4 or
above, gdkimlib and gdk-pixbuf 0.9 or above, gnome-print 0.25 or above).  It
requires both gdkimlib and gdk-pixbuf at this point because gpaint uses
gdk-pixbuf internally but gdk-pixbuf does not provide image saving functions at
this point.  As gdk-pixbuf acquires image saving funcitonalites in gtk+ 2.0,
the dependency on gdkimlib will be removed.

Future plans include the implementation of zooming in/out, image
scaling/rotation, and turning gpaint into a Bonobo component for simple image
editing tasks.

For bugs or general comments please send mail to Andy Tai, atai atai org

Andy Tai

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