ANNOUNCE: Firestarter 0.5.0 "Hacker Purgatorium"

Firestarter 0.5.0 "Hacker Purgatorium" is now available as RPM, source RPM
and source tarball format from:

- Firewalls made easy -

 Linux 2.4 netfilter support (with help from Paul Drain) 
 Improved ipchains rules (Paul Drain) 
 ICMP filtering (Paul Drain) 
 Create new dynamic rules from scratch 
 A new set of icons (Susan Emery) 
 Option to stop logging a port 
 Toggle between packet reject/deny (Joaquín) 
 Sound event support 
 Smart program resizing 
 Firewall hit list tailing 
 Preferences dialog polish, file browse dialogs (Joaquín) 
 Bug fixes 
 Localization changes:
  Added Japanese translation (Yukihiro Nakai)
  Added German translation (Christian Meyer)
  Added Irish translation (Seán Ó Ceallaigh)
  Added Hungarian translation (Nemeth Balazs)
  Added Norwegian translation (Kjartan Maras)
  Added Ukrainian translation (Yuri Syrota)
  Added Brazilian translation
  Many existing translations updated


Firestarter is a complete firewall tool for Linux machines. Use the
firewall creation wizard to create a basic firewall, then streamline 
it further using the powerful dynamic rules modifiers. Open and close
ports with a few clicks, or stealth your services giving access only
to a select few. Watch the real-time hit monitor as attackers probe 
your machine for open ports, in vain. Firestarter requires GNOME 1.2

 Tomas Junnonen

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