Nautilus 0.5 and Eazel Web Services Sneak Preview released

Nautilus version 0.5, "Preview Release 2" is here. At the same time, Eazel
is releasing the first "Sneak Preview" of our Web services.

Nautilus is a desktop environment for GNOME that provides users of all
experience levels a powerful way to access files, applications, media,
Internet-based services, and the Web.

The Sneak Preview of Eazel's Web services includes an online storage that
looks and feels like part of your desktop environment and a catalog of
software with several preview applications installable through Nautilus with
one click.

    You can get the Nautilus packages and register for Eazel Services at:


    NOTE: The machine at this address was changed today. Most people will
    see the new web site. But if you instead see a "Coming Later Today"
    message you have to wait for DNS to update. Everyone should see the
    new site by 7 PM PST.

    In addition, the source code for Nautilus is available alongside
    the other GNOME packages at:


    Information about packages required to build Nautilus is in the README.

Thanks to the many people who sent us suggestions and fixes after our first
preview release of Nautilus and to those who have contributed to the project
so far.

    The web site at <> contains information
    about contributing to the Nautilus project, including pointers to
    our mailing lists, and information about helping with testing.

Thank you on behalf of the whole Nautilus team for checking out Preview
Release 2 of Nautilus and on behalf of all the people at Eazel for checking
out our Web Services Sneak Preview.

    -- Darin

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