ANNOUNCE: Firestarter 0.5.0 "Hacker Purgatorium"

Firestarter 0.5.0 "Hacker Purgatorium" is now available as RPM, 
source RPM and source tarball format from:

 Linux 2.4 netfilter support (with help from Paul Drain) 
 Improved ipchains rules (Paul Drain) 
 ICMP filtering (Paul Drain) 
 Create new dynamic rules from scratch 
 A new set of icons (Susan Emery) 
 Option to stop logging a port 
 Toggle between packet reject/deny (Joaquin) 
 Sound event support 
 Smart program resizing 
 Firewall hit list tailing 
 Preferences dialog polish, file browse dialogs (Joaquin) 
 Bug fixes 
 Localization changes:
  Added Japanese translation (Yukihiro Nakai)
  Added German translation (Christian Meyer)
  Added Irish translation (Sen  Ceallaigh)
  Added Hungarian translation (Nemeth Balazs)
  Added Norwegian translation (Kjartan Maras)
  Added Ukrainian translation (Yuri Syrota)
  Added Brazilian translation
  Many existing translations updated


Firestarter is a complete firewall tool for Linux machines. Use 
the firewall creation wizard to create a basic firewall, then 
streamline it further using the powerful dynamic rules modifiers.
Open and close ports with a few clicks, or stealth your services 
giving access only to a select few. Watch the real-time hit monitor
as attackers probe  your machine for open ports, in vain. 
Firestarter requires GNOME 1.2

 Tomas Junnonen

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