Metatheme 0.5.0 released

Hello lovers of eye candy!

        Metatheme alpha release 0.5.0 (code-named "Ogling Octopus") has been
released. This represents the first preview release of the gnome
meta-themeing system. I'd like to personally thank Helix Code for sponsoring
metatheme development this summer.

What it does:
        Metatheme provides a way for users to save and restore snapshots
of their system's current theme configuration. This allows one-click
simultaneous changing of background image, Gtk+ theme,
Sawfish window manager theme, and so forth.

Cool features:
        * Automatic theme updates/installation via or
          similar theme repositories. (currently only
          and generic http supported)

        * Theme switcher capplet

        * Integrated theme editor
        * Plugin-based theme extension system, current plugins are:
                - Background
                - Gtk+
                - Sawfish
                - XMMS skins

        Gal (0.2 or greater), GtkHTML (0.7 or greater),
        GNet (1.0.4 or greater, available at

Available at:
        * GNOME CVS, module metatheme

Testers Wanted! This is still alpha-quality code. Contributions in the form
of bug reports, fixes, etc greatly appreciated.
Richard Hestilow <hestgray ionet net>
"It's only by NOT taking the human race seriously that I retain what
 fragments of my once considerable mental powers I still possess."
 -- Roger Noe

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