GNOME Web Team - Call for Volunteers.

GNOME Web Team - Call for Volunteers.


The current GNOME project web offering, while having a lot of good content,
is highly disorganized, with unclear maintainerships and diverging design,
navigation, content generation, and so on. I did a redesign of
this spring, which was fairly successful, but due to time constraints and
other factors, there is still a lot of old cruft in the site hierarchy, and
some parts of the site are sadly underdeveloped.

A recent discussion on gnome-hackers concluded that there should be an
organized effort to bring the total GNOME web offering together, and rework
it from the bottom up, so we can present a polished, functional and coherent
image to the world.

Additionally, Shawn Amundson indicated that he wanted to pass responsibility
for to the GNOME web team, as a part of an effort to reduce
duplication of content between and, and to
further integration between the sites.

What's happening now:

I offered to volunteer as the organizer of the new web team, since I have
quite a lot of experience both with GNOME sites and with web site building in

We want to gather a team of dedicated people to work on the GNOME web sites.
There are a number of issues to be worked out before actual site
building/rework starts, including such diverse topics as:

  * What site building technologies to use (WML, PHP, Zope, Perl, Python...)
  * Design goals for the website.
  * Site structure and content.

In other words, most topics are open for discussion. We're aiming to resolve
most of the high-level issues rather quickly, to be able to move on to
actually reworking the sites.

Who should join:

There are two groups of people that should join. One is the
interested web designers/scripters/etc., who want to take an active part in
planning, designing and building one of the most important sets of web sites
in the free software community. The other group is the people who take an
interest in the more high-level issues of presenting GNOME to the world.

Where to go:

There's a wonderful mailing list just for the purpose of the new web team.

If you're at all interested in working on this project, please join.

Joakim Ziegler - Helix Code web monkey - joakim helixcode com - Radagast IRC
      FIX sysop - free software coder - FIDEL & Conglomerate developer

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