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  • [Evolution-hackers] ESource "changed" signal fix, David Trowbridge
  • [Evolution-hackers] simple fixes for calendar-http, David Trowbridge
  • [Evolution-hackers] evoultion cvs make install error: libtool: install: error: relink `libevolution-test.la' with the above command before installing it, Piotr Sawicki
  • [Evolution-hackers] Subtile bug, Philip Van Hoof
  • [Evolution-hackers] API change in e-d-s calendar backends, Rodrigo Moya
  • [Evolution-hackers] Current CVS: Missing file 'gentables.pl' in e-d-s/camel/, Philip Van Hoof
  • [Evolution-hackers] trust me, fejj
  • [Evolution-hackers] Re: Evolution Context Menus (status report), Benjamin Kahn
  • [Evolution-hackers] composer in e-d-s, Rodrigo Moya
  • [Evolution-hackers] Camel and i18n, JP Rosevear
  • [Evolution-hackers] evolution cvs make install error, Piotr Sawicki
  • [Evolution-hackers] error compiling evolution-data-server from CVS, Piotr Sawicki
  • Re: [Evolution-hackers] EPlugin, export mail folder, Update!, smurfd
  • [Evolution-hackers] compiling evolution from CVS, Piotr Sawicki
  • [Evolution-hackers] ChangeLog entries and dates, Rodney Dawes
  • [Evolution-hackers] Translating Welcome Message, JP Rosevear
  • [Evolution-hackers] EPlugin Hackfest (Date Correction), JP Rosevear
  • [Evolution-hackers] EPlugin Hackfest, JP Rosevear
  • [Evolution-hackers] send/receive, Rodrigo Moya
  • [Evolution-hackers] Regarding the global send options UI, pchenthill
  • [Evolution-hackers] kolab2 evolution plugin, Sebastien Estienne
  • [Evolution-hackers] Contact, event editors in EDS?, Hans Petter Jansson
  • [Evolution-hackers] Re: [linux-cifs-client] cifs mounted home directory problems, Kenneth MacDonald
  • [Evolution-hackers] Evolution 2.1.1, JP Rosevear
  • [Evolution-hackers] GObject Reference count debugging, Harish Krishnaswamy
  • [Evolution-hackers] Evolution 2.0.3: exchange, ssl and forms., William John Murray
  • [Evolution-hackers] Evolution 2.0.3: Compilation query, William John Murray
  • [Evolution-hackers] Evolution 2.0.3, JP Rosevear
  • [Evolution-hackers] Site changes, Dglenn
  • [Evolution-hackers] Exchange server crashing on certain appointments, Gerardo Marin
  • [Evolution-hackers] Tabs when creating non-HTML messages, Philip Van Hoof
  • [Evolution-hackers] language identification and translation plugin, Francis Tyers
  • [Evolution-hackers] eplugin, e-config changes, Not Zed
  • [Evolution-hackers] Stand Alone Migration Utility, Marco Rego
  • [Evolution-hackers] Camel is now in eds., Not Zed

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