[Evolution-hackers] Re: Camel and i18n

Today at 16:54, JP Rosevear wrote:

> Now that we've moved camel to e-d-s and it has translatable messages,
> whats the best way to move the existing translations from evolution?

Depending on the number of messages, it might be better to leave it up
to translators (if it's a small number of messages, so that we avoid
possible conflicts, and re-appearing mis-translations).

OTOH, it's best to do:
  cd ~/cvs/e-d-s/po
  intltool-update -p
  for i in *.po; do
    msgmerge -C ~/cvs/evolution/po/$i evolution-data-server.pot $i

This won't create those translations that exist in evo but not in
e-d-s, so you'd also need to do something like:

  cd ~/cvs/evolution/po
  for i in *.po; do
    if [ ! -f ~/cvs/e-d-s/po/$i ]; then 
       cp $i ~/cvs/e-d-s/po/

But if you're planning on doing any of this, please notify
translators when you start and when you finish (so they don't try to
update translations in the meantime).


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