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  • [xslt] xsl:param works only with numbers as content, Stephan Otte
  • [xslt] xsltproc and entities, Robert Collins
  • [xslt] xsl:value-of a CDATA section is empty, Stephan Otte
  • [xslt] document() can't open files with spaces in filename, Bernhard Zwischenbrugger
  • [xslt] Multi valued parameters, Matt Sergeant
  • [xslt] xsltproc and multiple file output., Robert Collins
  • [xslt] xml-stylesheet PI handling, Sze, Tak F
  • [xslt] xsltproc not copying pi's, Brent M Hendricks
  • [xslt] embed stylessheets | accessing XHTML result tree, Andreas Schlapbach
  • [xslt] RE: xsl:variable scope problem with 0.10 ?, Vakoc, Mark
  • [xslt] xsl:variable scope problem with 0.10 ?, Vakoc, Mark
  • [xslt] Small bug in HTML output, Matt Sergeant
  • [xslt] Release of libxslt-0.10.0, Daniel Veillard
  • [xslt] Re-use of parsed stylesheet, William M. Brack
  • [xslt] parsing xml-files, Kris Vloeberghs
  • [xslt] xsltSaveResultTo & xsltSaveResultToFile, Kris Vloeberghs
  • [xslt] XSLT extension API, Thomas Broyer
  • [xslt] Potential bug with multiple sorts, Vakoc, Mark
  • [xslt] Possible bug with multiple sorts, Vakoc, Mark
  • [xslt] parser, Kris Vloeberghs
  • [xslt] out of memory on XSLTMark test, Sze, Tak F
  • [xslt] xml to wml, Zeke . Wu
  • [xslt] Text output, Echoes
  • [xslt] Problem with DOCTYPE, William M. Brack
  • [xslt] BEGINNERS PROBLEM, Kris Vloeberghs
  • [xslt] Document on libxslt internals, Daniel Veillard
  • [xslt] Release of libxslt-0.9.0, Daniel Veillard
  • [xslt] Is unparsed-entity-uri supported?, Sze, Tak F

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