Re: [xslt] PATCH: xsl:document doctypePublic and doctypeSystem

> > Hum I'm afraid your patch is wrong. For example it breaks the
> regression tests
> > in tests/xmlspec, outputting the DOCTYPE declaration twice in the
> generated
> > HTML spec. So I won't commit it as is.
> I knew it did that - thus my comment about the DOCTYPE that is _always_
> written to stdout. That's the culprit. If you can provide a pointer to
> where that is generated, I'm more than happy to chase it down :].

  You think it's a serialization problem. It's not ! It's that the patch
you provided forces the addition of a structure without checking if it's
already present.
  The right fix is to fix the function associated to xsl:document to
generate the right document structure from the start.
> Ah. If XSLT-1.1 is deprecated, what is the current draft for doing
> multi-file outputs? I suspect I'm confused somewhere along the line :]

  There is none. The 1.1 spec won't be pushed any further. Work is
ongoing toward 2.0 but I don't think there is a live Working Draft 
at W3C describing xsl:document anymore.


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