Re: [xslt] PATCH: xsl:document doctypePublic and doctypeSystem

On Sun, May 27, 2001 at 11:08:25PM +1000, Robert Collins wrote:
> This patch is incomplete. There an autogenerated DOCTYPE that is
> _always_ output on stdout. IMO (Based on what little I've seen of the
> xslt and xml librarie) that DOCTYPE shouldn't be generated. The patch
> presented here causes each file written to have it's doctype created (if
> one is present). I'm not sure how to go about removing the autogenerated
> one that gets written to stdout.

  Sorry for not answering earlier, I'm really busy at the moment.
Hum I'm afraid your patch is wrong. For example it breaks the regression tests
in tests/xmlspec, outputting the DOCTYPE declaration twice in the generated
HTML spec. So I won't commit it as is.

  Looking at your initial report the point you raised about the xsl:method
attribute not being evaluated correctly is a bit complex:
   - the XSLT-1.1 is now deprecated but defined xsl:document, it defined
     the semantic of the attributes as being the same as for xsl:output.
   - the XSLT-1.1 states clearly that xsl:output attributes are all
     attribute value templates (where {expr} need to be evaluated).
   - However the actual XSLT spec doesn't say the xsl:output attributes are
     attribute value templates.
 Of course libxslt implements most of xsl:document by reusing the same code
as xsl:output, hence the reason why method="{...}" was not evaluated as such.


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