Re: bug with xsl:document? (was Re: [xslt] xsltproc and multiple file output.)

> Does libxslt support the
> <xsl:document
> doctype-public=".."
> doctype-system=".." >
> attributes from the XLST 1.1 spec?

   Seems it is incomplete. 

> I've tracked back into htmlDocContentDumpOutput without seeing where
> those attributes are handled. I'm about to generate a patch, but I
> figure it would be good to know if I'm just doing something wrong :]

   Sorry for answering a bit late. the processing should not be done
in htmlDocContentDumpOutput() but xsltDocumentElem() . For example if
xsl:output is html then one should not build an XML doc but an HTML one
xsltDocumentElem() seems broken to this respect.

> Also there is an error spat out about not supporting post-1.0 features,
> even though xsl:document works. (Which is why I have the version as 1.0,
> not 1.1 as it should be).

  libxslt don't try to support all 1.1 extensions, especially since
1.1 is deprecated, but xsl:document is so much needed that it was added.


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