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On Fri, May 11, 2001 at 03:14:42PM +0200, Kris Vloeberghs wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got a very simple question here, which can be very important (and to me
> it is).
> I recently made an XSLT stylesheet to parse a certain collection of XML
> files, producing a collection of HTML docs.  It all worked on MSXML and with
> Xalan.  I tested both parser for the simple reasons that MSXML runs in IE
> which is widely used, and because Xalan seems to be a parser following the
> upcoming standards quite good.
> Now I've written a CGI-script using C to download both files from our
> webserver, parse them and apply the stylesheet.  This should be a very easy
> thing to do, using libxml and libxslt, but it is not working.  This may be
> because xsltApplyStylesheet uses a parser that works a bit different from
> the ones I tested (when is there going to be a real and used standard??).
> Can anybody tell which parser is used in this function, and if I'm able to
> just test the XSLT-stylesheet using that parser (so not through that CGI).

  I'm a bit confused ... Libxslt relies on libxml parser. There is not a
single line of code shared with Xalan or MSXML.
  Now it is possible that you have hit a bug in libxslt (or libxml but
this is less probable), you can test it using the command line interface
tool xsltproc coming with libxslt. If there is a bug report it with both
the stylesheet and input document used (if possible reduced to make the
bug explicit). If this is really complex, post the bug to in the libxslt section.

> PS: I'm just a beginner in this matter, so don't make it too difficult
> please

  Hum, it's difficult to analyze your report by lack of technical details.


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