[xslt] parser


I've got a very simple question here, which can be very important (and to me
it is).
I recently made an XSLT stylesheet to parse a certain collection of XML
files, producing a collection of HTML docs.  It all worked on MSXML and with
Xalan.  I tested both parser for the simple reasons that MSXML runs in IE
which is widely used, and because Xalan seems to be a parser following the
upcoming standards quite good.
Now I've written a CGI-script using C to download both files from our
webserver, parse them and apply the stylesheet.  This should be a very easy
thing to do, using libxml and libxslt, but it is not working.  This may be
because xsltApplyStylesheet uses a parser that works a bit different from
the ones I tested (when is there going to be a real and used standard??).
Can anybody tell which parser is used in this function, and if I'm able to
just test the XSLT-stylesheet using that parser (so not through that CGI).

THX in advance,

PS: I'm just a beginner in this matter, so don't make it too difficult

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