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  • [PATCH] Fix crash in g-ir-scanner, Andreas Schwab
  • Native window styles on a GTK window, Chris Angelico
  • Bug 660761, Kean Johnston
  • GtkTreeView changes, Benjamin Otte
  • Re: GThread struct now hidden, Murray Cumming
  • GTK+ 3.3.4 released, Matthias Clasen
  • dconf 0.11.2, Ryan Lortie
  • GLib 2.31.2, Ryan Lortie
  • FOSDEM 2012 - Crossdesktop Devroom Call for Talks, Christophe Fergeau
  • gobject-introspection broken (?) on quartz ?, Paul Davis
  • RFC: glocal - automatically freeing memory when it goes out of scope, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen
  • RFC: boxes, Benjamin Otte
  • Testsuite failure on Tru64 UNIX for gobject-introspection-0.10.8, Albert Chin
  • Use of LPATH=.libs in common.mk for gobject-introspection, Albert Chin
  • gobject-introspection-0.10.8 warnings on AIX, Albert Chin
  • GIO performance improvements, =?UTF-8?B?QW5kcsOp?= Gillibert
  • GTK+ 2.24.8, Alexander Larsson
  • RFC: Model-View-Controller, Benjamin Otte
  • Is this a memory leak?, Traktor Toni
  • gtk-2-24-win32 branch merged into gtk-2-24, Alexander Larsson
  • gobject-introspection & command line, Micha Renner
  • [gtk-wayland v2 PATCH 1/3] update wl_visual related operations to eglconfig, juan . j . zhao
  • Re: Function completion for GVariant maybe types?, Markus Elfring
  • Coming to grips with the state of a11y in GNOME, Matthias Clasen
  • gtk-2-24-win32 branch update, Alexander Larsson
  • Patch for updating gtk over wayland interface, Zhao, Juan J
  • A GTK+ hackfest opportunity, Matthias Clasen

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