Patch for updating gtk over wayland interface

Hi there,

         These days I built gtk+ in my platform and updated the interface and fixing some problems with the help from wayland-devel. Now the first step is done: some simple applications in gtk+/test can work well now.

         So I send this patch to gtk-devel for review and asking for suggestions.

         As I know, Bnf in wayland-devel also has interest on this and has similar patch. So I also add him and ask for suggestion.

         I’m not sure which patch format gtk-devel likes, so I just send it with attachment not by “git send-email”.


         Of course there are still lots of further works should be done, I will go on to fix there.



*^_^* BRs,




Attachment: 0001-update-gtk-wayland-related-interfaces.patch
Description: 0001-update-gtk-wayland-related-interfaces.patch

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