A GTK+ hackfest opportunity

Hey all,

we had a pretty successful GTK+ hackfest in 2010 that really helped us
getting GTK+ 3 out the door. It would be great to repeat this
experience, and an opportunity for this has opened up recently:

There is a possibility that we could do a GTK+ hackfest in Brno,
Czech, in February 2012. This would be in connection with the
'Developer Conference' that is happening

February 17-18th 2012 at Masaryk University, Brno

This event is strongly supported and coordinated by the Red Hat
engineering offices in Brno.

The hackfest can be longer than these two days, e.g. February 17-21
would be possible.

We already have 2 other GNOME hackfest prospects for this weekend, one
by the docs team (https://live.gnome.org/Hackfests/BrnoDocs2012) and
one by the accessibility team. We are still investigating the details
about room availability during and after the conference, but it should
be possible to accomodate 10-12 GTK+ people.

Possible topics for the GTK+ hackfest that I would like to see on the agenda:

- a11y (use the synergy with the accessibility team next room)

- clutter (review whats happened on the clutter side, and plan next
steps - for this, we'd really need some clutter folk to attend...)

- touch (I hope to move the 'kinetic scrolling' patches before the
hackfest, but there's plenty of other touch and input-related things
to discuss - this topic would really benefit from carlos' presence...)

- platform support (in particular if we can get some of the Win32 and
OS X people to attend)

I think this should be sufficient for an initial announcement; I'll
get a wiki page up in the next few days with more details and a place
to register your interest in coming.

Hope to see you in Brno,


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