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  • Different looking toolbars and missing shadows with GTK3, Staffan =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Gim=E5ker?=
  • gtkLabel resize itself and resize the whole window, Maxime de Roucy
  • Catching right-click for all widgets in a GtkBox, John Lindgren
  • Window styles, John Emmas
  • GDK text rendering function (gdk_draw_layout deprecated)., Vladimir Sedach
  • GtkPlug and GtkSocket, John Emmas
  • threads, idle sources, python, Thomas Stover
  • GtkApplication initialization tru command-line signal (vs activate or startup signals), Basile Starynkevitch
  • Impl specific functionality, John Emmas
  • GDK/Cairo question, Fabian Greffrath
  • gtk_selection_data_get_text on drag and drop, Thibault Duponchelle
  • [ANNOUNCE] Girlook: A GUI inspector for GObject GIR file (Version 0.1.1), Just Fill Bugs
  • GDK to Cairo move, Emmanuel Thomas-Maurin
  • GdkEvent question (is it a bug?), James Tappin
  • Issue with g_list_free on Mac OSX, Alden Peterson
  • Maximize on Windows 7 seems broken., James Steward
  • g_idle_add source & memory leaks, Gabriele Greco
  • When drag scroll, page content show incorrectly, Corey Fu
  • GTK+ 3.1.4, Matthias Clasen
  • memory leak in PangoLayout?, Olivier Sessink
  • destroying an unparented widget, Allin Cottrell
  • GLib 2.29.4, Matthias Clasen
  • gtk_widget_destroy(my_window) memory leak, jessonel
  • Getting a pointer to a dialog's 'Cancel' button, John Emmas
  • GSource object lifetime, Thomas Stover
  • gtk+ 2 handling of X primary selection not optimal?, Andy Tai
  • Re: GtkNotebook with action on click of special tab, Bernhard Schuster
  • multiple tree views, Pavol =?UTF-8?Q?Kla=C4=8Dansk=C3=BD?=
  • Re: Gtk::FileChooserButton, John Emmas

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