Re: Sync Evolution and Visor

Le ven 19/09/2003 à 20:36, Greg Copeland a écrit :

> We're back to the can't bind message, several times in a row...
> *recovery from three crashes*...and time spent doing other things...
> Shortly after messing with the USB stuff, my system locked immediately
> following a successful sync.  Seems like those pesky kernel USB bugs are
> still lurking.  At any rate, rebooting several times resulting in my
> machine locking tight every time the USB modules were loaded.  After
> doing a cold boot, the system came up and I can now do the
> one-off-gpilotd syncs.  Seems the USB stuff didn't get properly reset
> between warm boots.  Ack!  A cold boot seems to of kicked squarely. 
> Which, does place me back to where I started from.  Cool!  

Ok, try this :


and check if it uses usb-uhci for your USB controler. If it does, try
replacing usb-uhci by uhci in /etc/modules.conf (probeall usb-interface
usb-uhci) and see if it works better.. I had to do that to get my Clié
working properly on an Asus A7V..

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandrakesoft com>

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