Re: Sync Evolution and Visor

Le jeu 18/09/2003 à 18:51, Greg Copeland a écrit :
> There there appears to be a bug within the update process as I just
> checked again prior to send my previous email, just to be sure.  There
> are zero outstanding updates pending for me to download.  I have it
> checking for all types of updates.  I always check for updates
> immediately following installation and periodically every couple of
> weeks, unless I read an advisory, whereby, I check daily until it's
> fixed.  The recent SSH vulnerability is an example of such.

Hmm, strange, there was a bug advisory for this :

But it seems it was forgotten from the description files which is used
to display why you need to update in MandrakeUpdate.. I'll check with
our update/security guy..

Anyway, you should be able to download this bug fix automagically by
running (as root):
urpmi.update -a
urpmi gnome-pilot libgnome-pilot1 

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandrakesoft com>

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