Re: Sync Evolution and Visor

gpilotd-Message: gnome-pilot 0.1.71 starting...
gpilotd-Message: compiled for pilot-link version 0.11.5
gpilotd-Message: compiled with [VFS] [USB] [IrDA] [Network]
gpilotd-Message: Activating CORBA server
gpilotd-Message: Watching Cradle (/dev/visor)

This is a bone stock Mandrake 9.1 system.  Unless I missed something,
the numbers seem to match to me.  Let's see:
mine:      gpilotd-Message: compiled for pilot-link version 0.11.5
reported:  gpilotd-Message: compiled for pilot-link version 0.11.5

Seems to match to me.

Before you ask, I have every update for my packages installed too. 
Clearly something is not adding up.

On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 10:05, Frederic Crozat wrote:
> Le jeu 18/09/2003 à 16:46, Greg Copeland a écrit :
> > Mandrake 9.1.
> This is NOT possible. pilot-link 0.11.7 was shipped with Mdk 9.1.
> > I have the same setup here and find that gpilotd is almost worthless. 
> > The only way it will sync is if you manually run it (never with it
> > running the background) and then, it will only sync once per execution.
> Strange, it has been working perfectly on my home system for more than 6
> months (ie until I switched on 9.2 RC two week ago). You just need to
> add gpilotd to your default session and make sure you choose "USB" as
> connection type.
> > I guess the problem is that Mandrake is too far behind on it's updating
> > of gpilotd?  To boot, it's also using devfs.
> gnome-pilot 0.1.71 was the latest version available at the time we
> shipped Mdk 9.1 into production.. Unfortunately (I already explain that
> two days ago on this mailing list), Evolution and gnome-pilot were GNOME
> 1 applications which were not supported as applets for GNOME 2 (BTW, it
> was the same problem with Mdk 9.0 too..). Now that Evolution and
> gnome-pilot has been ported to GNOME 2 platform, everything is more
> integrated (cf Mandrake 9.2 ..)
Greg Copeland <gtcopeland earthlink net>

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