Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

This is the 37th message in this series.

I love the "new" save vs. export behavior, which has existed for one
year and half now, and thus is not so new after all. I'm completely
accustomed to the simple idea that you don't save to Jpeg of PNG, you
export to these formats, and you save only to the only format that
saves almost everything in your image, i.e. XCF.

When I'm simply changing some simple things to several Jpeg photos,
I'm accustomed to simple key sequences: Alt-F W for overwriting the
photo, Ctrl+Shift+E for exporting it to another format, Ctrl+W then
Alt-W for closing the image without saving it. Alt-key combinations
are very useful and easy to remember.

Just my one cent addition to the discussion...

Olivier Lecarme

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