Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 7:21 AM, Jonathan Kamens wrote:

It is certainly important for the authors and developers of an application
to know who their targeted audience is.

I'm curious, though... Do you know what percentage of the people who
actually use GIMP now are part of that target audience?

This is simply not the point.

Let's face it: GIMP is mostly misused. People got used to it, because
if they needed a free app with few extra features, they simply had no
choice. Especially on Linux.

If Pinta was released 5 years earlier, the amount of GIMP users on
Linux would probably be a half of what it is now.

Still with me?

The aim is to meet the demands of professionals. Users have a choice:
migrate to simpler apps like Pinta, migrate to complex apps with
familiar workflow such as Krita, or stick to GIMP and adapt their

The adaptation is really not as bad as you are trying to picture it. I
know it, because I've gone through this two years ago, and I'm neither
supersmart nor extraflexible.

Also, it seems to me from the stuff at the URLs you sent that the potential
size of the user base for the audience you are targeting is much smaller
than the potential user base of more "casual" image editors like me. Do I
understand correctly that you are consciously aiming to design the
application to be attractive primarily to that much smaller user base?

It's a matter of perspective. As far as I can tell, users who try to
think and act big gravitate to more sophisticated software. That
automatically expands the audience (far) beyond hi-end users. But the
development focus is still on hi-end users, because focus is

Alexandre Prokoudine

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