Re: [Gimp-developer] Bring back normal handling of other file formats

El 21/06/12 20:22, Elle Stone escribió:
On 6/21/12, Tobias Oelgarte<tobias oelgarte googlemail com>  wrote:
I entirely agree with the observation that the "export" entry in the
menu is badly positioned. It really "disappears" between the icon heavy
"save" and "print" sections, which really seduces me to accidentally
switch off my brain and select the "save as..." entry.

Tobias, that is an excellent observation - the heavy Save, Save as
icons (plus two options seldom used, then a line) and No icons for
Export to, Export - that would help explain why my eyes just don't
"see" the export options - they do disappear behind all the visual
Notice that gnome-based desktops don't show icons in menus anymore (at least in the default form), so that isn't always true. But it's a good point anyway, probably against the inclusion of icons in menus.


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