Re: [Gimp-developer] Bring back normal handling of other file formats

The first time I encountered the new "export/save" options, for some
reason I got angry. Odd, don't you think, getting angry at an

At one point I needed to open 9 screen-saved pngs in order to zealous
crop the margins and export back to the original pngs. Dismissing the
persistent "save in xcf" offers got a little tiresome. I could have
waited until the end and killed them all in one swoop, but I was
trying to regain a little screen space.

But after extensive testing with Gimp 2.9, and after finishing up an
article for my website which involved creating, modifying, and saving
a whole of images in diverse formats, I honestly don't notice the new
export/save so much any more.

There is one little interface change that would make things easier for
me. I'll suggest it, most tentatively. At present, the order in the
Gimp 2.9 drop-down menu is "Save, Save as, Save a Copy, Revert, then a
big line in the sand, then "Export to, Export, Create Template" (I
can't check the 2.8 drop-down because I accidentally destroyed my 2.8

This may sound trivial, but the line between "Revert" and "Export to"
makes my brain stop, like anything below the line isn't relevant to
the act of writing an altered image out to disk. On that drop-down
menu, it's a long way, visually and as the mouse travels, from "Save"
to "Export to".

I will guess that for most users, definitely including myself, "Save a
Copy" and "Revert" are not used nearly as much as "Save," "Export to"
and "Export".

So how would it be if the line between the "Save" options and the
"Export" options disappeared? And if "Revert" and maybe "Save a copy"
got moved to down below "Export" and "Export to"?

It also might ease the pain of transitioning to a new way of doing
things if "Save" read as "Save xcf", "Save a Copy" read "Save xcf
Copy", "xcf" serving as a gentle reminder of what will really will

Kind regards,

Elle Stone

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