[Gimp-developer] Bring back normal handling of other file formats


This whole idea of refusing it operate on other file formats is artificial, contrived and obstructive.

Yesterday I found some other corollary problems that this flawed behaviour introduces.

I was scanning some macro shots for file negative, the scanner software produces huge tiff files that I need to do some processing on and then store in a non-lossy *compressed* format. PNG seems the obvious choice and is the format that I usually work in.

The negs are scanned at 3200 dpi and the tiff files are huge and I *require* a compressed format. I have NO wish to create an alternative bloat format called xcf, one of the primary objectives of this processing is to make the file size more manageable not to make yet more bloated duplicates.

The first operation is usually to select a smaller region of the scan and save it as a new image before doing some further processing. This new image is saved as png, the non-lossy compressed format I require. Of course I can no longer "save" it with gimp , I have to "export" it.

AT this point, I often need to check the resulting file size.

If I go to Image | Properties I find the file name and file size empty. Ah-ha! it has not been "saved" yet. Of course if I had "saved" it I would just be seeing the size of the bloated xcf not the of the file I am trying to work with.

So to test, I open the new PNG file separately and again check Image | Properties

Its name and size are STILL empty.

Gimp's inability to work with standard formats is becoming a major PITA.

Perhaps gimp was not such a bad name for it after all, its functionality is becoming crippled.

This contrived attempt to force all users into importing and exporting everything and dealing with a shit load of stupid warning dialogues about not having saved something has just been save is getting worse as time goes on.

Is it really that desirable to have a "top-end" image processing tool that cannot deal effectively with processing standard image formats?


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